Style or comfort? We say both!

Are you the one who is yet to discover if the clothes you wear are defined by the style or the level of comfort you feel after wearing them? You are probably not alone. There are a lot of us who are still living with doubt. There is no denying that comfort is the key, which even reflects in the body language of the clothes you are wearing, which might be a stylist but are uncomfortable. Then what? There must be a mid-way out because none of them can be missed while selecting your clothes.

What is the solution?

Here are some of the tips that you can consider while selecting clothes for yourself-

  1. Balance your outfits- Balancing your casual clothes with some classy pieces is always a good idea that provides comfort and makes you look effortlessly elegant. Have you tried pairing loose-fit jeans with high-heeled shoes and a classy neckpiece? Indeed an excellent ample to comfort and style!               


  1. Pick up the correct type of clothes- When we say picking up the correct type of clothes, we always encourage taking advantage of the style. Yes, you heard that right. The right kind of clothes can be a stylist too. How about going with pleated pull-up pants instead of tailored dress pants with hardly some space to breathe? Similarly, while you select the dresses, look for the ones that give you enough space while you walk or bend down, like A-line dresses or t-shirt dresses. You will certainly love the idea of going with the right type of clothing, to consider the fabric based on the weather, which would add to the comfort of the already stylish clothes.


  1. Pick up the clothes that you feel comfortable in. Picking up the dresses that suit your body type does not mean you cannot wear certain clothes because your body is not meant for such garments. Instead, picking up the dresses that suit your body type is more of feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear. Whether skinny or chubby, if certain clothes make you feel comfortable, go for them. There are no criteria for specific body types to be set in a particular clothes section. If you like it, there is no second opinion for that.

 Let others not give you an idea of how to dress. Dress to impress yourself, not others.

A trendy Hollywood actress, Selena Gomez, once said, 'Always ensure you are comfortable in what you wear. Do not wear anything for anyone else."


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