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About Us

Joey Care: Style made comfortable!

Joey Care is the outcome of it’s founder Swati Gada’s search for stylish outfits for her daughter Ziva. Taking inspiration from the simple silhouettes that are hanging Ziva’s wardrobe, we decided to create our own exclusive collections include stylish yet traditional Kurta Pyjamas, Nursing Apron, Romper, Swaddle & Night-suits.
Joey Care offers a range of outfits in different designs for both, boys and girls along with some unisex clothing which is suitable to be worn during the day as well as the night. The fabrics and colors will be changed according to the seasons. We ensure versatility and durability in our products, so as to make it suitable for all age groups. Each piece produced is unique in its style and has been designed, keeping the latest trends in mind.
Ethical production is at the heart of Joey Care. The clothing that we produce is made of 100% cotton. Our motto is to produce durable clothes, so that once the child grows and stops wearing them, they can be passed on to the next generation. Not only will this help in waste reduction, but will also be beneficial for your pockets.

Have a look at our collections! Check our website and Instagram page to see the trending styles in town!

Swati Jugal Gada